Strategic Alliances in Asia

John D. England, Lane T. Ringlee

Pay Governance Japan and Pay Governance Korea to provide executive compensation services

Pay Governance LLC has formed strategic affiliate relationships with two newly founded executive compensation consulting firms -- Pay Governance Japan and Pay Governance Korea. Recognized authorities in executive compensation and performance management will lead both new companies in their respective countries. Naohiko Abe is the founder and managing partner of Pay Governance Japan and Ryan Park is the founder and managing partner of Pay Governance Korea. Both were former senior executive compensation consultants and consulting practice leaders for Towers Watson. At a time when government regulation and shareholder requirements are changing globally, Pay Governance Japan and Pay Governance Korea will bring a new level of experience and insight into critical issues facing public companies in Asia. The international partnership of the three independent, partner-led consulting firms will provide U.S., Japanese, and Korean clients with a new level of national and global intelligence. In-depth expertise in their specific regions, access to knowledgeable market insights and awareness of growing trends will enable companies to navigate the challenges of rapidly changing global markets. The relationship is based on a comprehensive pool of experts in each organization's respective consulting areas, as well as a shared set of core values. As independent, partner-led consulting firms, each firm possess the relevant competencies, market intelligence and practical experience needed to assist Boards of Directors and senior management teams in the design and development of effective management compensation programs for companies in North America and Asia. “Pay for performance in executive compensation is one of the key engines for growth of both the Japanese economy and public companies in general. Japanese public companies need to respond to global institutional shareholders who expect rigorous and transparent pay programs,” Abe said. Adds Park, “Growing interest in pay for performance and transparent disclosure to shareholders around the world make the new Pay Governance affiliation an asset to all of our clients.” “We see our new affiliation as an enhancement in our ability to serve global corporations,” said John England, a managing partner with Pay Governance. “Naohiko Abe and Ryan Park bring sterling reputations in the field of executive compensation and a dedication to the values of integrity and client service that we share.”


About Pay Governance LLC is an independent consulting firm focused on delivering advisory services to compensation committees. The consultancy also advises the management of companies in situations in which the firm does not serve as the independent committee advisor. With a staff of 50 consultants, Pay Governance has locations throughout the United States in locations such as New York, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Cleveland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. About Pay Governance Japan is an independent and partner-managed, management consulting company based in Nihon Bldg. 10F, 2-6-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0004. About Pay Governance Korea is an independent and partner-managed, management consulting company based in #613 & 614, 6th FL, A-Dong, SamWhan Hipex, Pangyo Techno Valley, Pangyo Yeog Ro 240, Bundang Gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Do, 463-400, KOREA.  

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