Leading Minds of Compensation - West

February 6, 2020

NACD peer exchanges are a unique benefit available to NACD Full Board members and Fellows. This specific forum is designed exclusively for public company and large private company directors. Other members and non-members can request an invitation and may be accepted on a limited basis.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discuss the latest 2020 executive and director compensation challenges and trends with the peers who truly understand the complex issues you face—your fellow committee members and today’s leading compensation experts. Our newly revamped forum includes a panel discussion led by subject-matter experts, a director-driven Q&A session, table-top working sessions, and more. Request an invitation today to join your peers as they exchange insights and explore the director's evolving role in compensation.

While this event is designed primarily for public company compensation committee chairs and members, all proactive and inquisitive current public company and large-private company directors who are focused on enhancing compensation processes and strategic objectives are welcome to participate.

Click here to Request an Invitation directly from NACD.