Behind the Boardroom Door: CEO Compensation Is All About Pay and Performance

Aubrey Bout

The National Association of Corporate Directors' New England Chapter is making CEO compensation the focus of today's meeting in Waltham, Mass., reports the Boston Business Journal (Nov. 11). Leading the event are Wendy Lane, Director of Willis Towers Watson, and Aubrey Bout, Managing Partner in the Boston office of Pay Governance, an independent executive compensation advisory firm that advises compensation committees. In previewing the meeting, Bout was asked what is most important for board members to focus on in the next year when setting CEO pay packages. Her reply: "Executive compensation, particularly CEO compensation, is all about pay and performance. If there's one thing I think a board member, investor, and CEO should care about, it's making sure that they can align pay with performance, especially over the long-term. Boards demand it and top executives expect it for themselves and their team." [TO READ MORE, CLICK HERE]

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