Corporate Board Member presents: Human Capital and the Board: Navigating Rising Stakeholder Expectations

November 1, 2022

Inflation, Stagflation, Recession - What Does It Mean for Executive Pay and Goal Setting?

Join Mike Kesner for an intimate discussion around designing plans that attract, retain and motivate your C-suite—and drive shareholder value—requires new levels of flexibility. Amid tremendous uncertainty in the market, what measures can your board take to remove some of the variability while remaining focused on shareholder value creation? You want your executives to focus on the things they can control, so how can you create goals that are more resilient to external unknowns? With 80% of executive compensation tied to relative performance, what are the pros and cons of performance shares versus stock options in LTI plans? What role do discretion and qualitative performance evaluation play, and how do you communicate these decisions to investors? We’ll dig into these questions and more as we help you reevaluate your executive pay plans for 2023. 

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